News and Notes

Attendees from the March 2017 retreat in San Antonio had these comments:

  • "Opportunity and encouragement to reconnect as a couple"
  • "Loving each other unconditionally again..."
  • "A weekend we will treasure forever!"

Comments From Past Retreats

"I liked the opportunity and time to discuss important issues with my spouse. The clearly stated expectations and then the verbal commitment made to my husband before we brainstormed, gave me the support I needed to say things to him I haven’t said before."

"Being alone with my spouse without computers, cell phones, and TV, and then the ability to talk, really talk to each other. Not only talking but understanding God is with us in everything we do, touch, feel, etc. and learning The Bible is our handbook for marriage."

June 6, 2008 Today’s Catholic (San Antonio)

Get away and make time for your marriage this summer

“I do not know what I was expecting when I signed us up for the retreat. I considered our marriage to be a good, strong, happy marriage. One can always improve ‘a good thing.’ ‘Beyond Cana’ does just that. It provides a couple the tools to strengthen their marriage.”... read more >>

December 7, 2007 Today’s Catholic (San Antonio)

‘Beyond Cana’ gives couples the priceless gift of time together

If you’re looking for a gift for a special couple in your life, whether that couple includes a daughter or a son, a best friend or family member, then look no further. A special gift has been lovingly prepared and wrapped for couples... read more >>