St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Retreat Weekend - Dallas, Texas

Jul 26 2019 - 10:00am
Jul 28 2019 - 12:00pm

Providing life-long tools to renew and strengthen Christ-centered marriages.

Beyond Cana® offers the time and tools to restore and strengthen marriages — with God and His direction for us at the center.

This 2½ day retreat is designed to enrich the marriages of couples who want to focus on the communication, respect, love, and intimacy that are so integral to a good marriage.

A blend of spiritual and practical talks, reflection, and prayer are combined with useful tools designed to improve communication and your relationship with your spouse — even if it’s good now. All this is done from a Catholic perspective, with an understanding of marriage as a sacrament.

Each couple is given time alone to discuss issues important to their marriage and their relationship. No one will observe or interfere in any way with each couple’s time alone. Nor will you be required to share any of your discussions.

Spiritual time is interspersed throughout the weekend — time for reflection, forgiveness, sharing the Word of God, and each other. Both nights on the weekend are just for the two of you. They are “date nights” where you are allowed the time to only have eyes for each other.

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